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At Ayla, you'll find yourself at a Spanish market, a Greek tavern, an Italian trattoria and an Arabic bazaar.

Ayla, inspired by all the scents and colors of Mediterranean cuisine, serves seasonal tapas that you share with your group. Ayla has a solid team of bartenders, dedicated to making their own infusions with gin, jenever and vodka that are distilled in collaboration with Rutte. Ayla is located in the heart of Rotterdam, an international metropolis, showing its most cosmopolitan side: shiny high-rise buildings, rattling trams, colorful people on the street. With friends and family inside will feel like home.

We've explained all the possibilities for groups in our brochure. Below you'll find some information about our group menus and restaurant.

We at Ayla understand that every event is tailor-made, so don't hesitate to contact us to see how we can turn your event into a success.

Download the brochure here

At Ayla we believe in shared dining and walking dinners. This informal setting is ideal for stand-up dining with groups. It stimulates conversations and allows a high number of guests to talk to each other.

At a walking dinner you and your guests are not dependent on just a single seat but have plenty of time for informal contacts. A walking dinner is original, modern and above all social; the answer to the more formal group dinner. People are not interrupted in their conversations, the event continues to run smoothly and people choose their own people to talk to. There's a reason why walking dinners are often used as a business networking moment.

All dishes are presented by our team and served on small plates, ensuring that they reach your guests at the right temperature and portions. We are able to cater to various budgets, time constraints and dietary restrictions.



We offer four-course dining experiences for groups.

Pamper your guests with a balanced array of typical Ayla dishes served in four rounds. Served in a period of about 2-3 hours allowing your guests enough time to catch up with a drink.

The four-course walking dinner consists of four rounds of different dishes that are perfect to share. Our chef prepares a selection of dishes that are entirely tailored to your wishes, consisting of various fish, meat and/or vegetarian elements. Allowing you to enjoy an organized dinner.

The first round consists of a selection from the aperitif menu, such as our mild Padron peppers, Manchego and charcuterie. Followed by two rounds of dishes with more pronounced and diverse flavors, such as our Iberico pork with bourbon and onion, Black Venus Risotto with squid and citrus, or our artichoke and parsnip with balsamic and celery foam. The dinner is topped off by an Earl Grey panna cotta with strawberries infused with sangria.


Walking lunch

Our brochure for all possibilities or contact us directly. Ayla caters to group lunches for groups of 8 people or more. See

FAST lunch

A lunch for a quick bite: a selection of sandwiches, pancakes or tapas that can be eaten in 30 - 45 minutes. Ideal for a business lunch and suitable for both the aficionado of sweet and savory.

Ayla's sourdough sandwiches are lavishly topped with grilled chicken, avocado with poached egg, burrata with roasted cherry tomatoes, fried egg with smoked feta and poached eggs with baba ghanoush.

Including coffee, tea, Ayla's home-made lemonade, sparkling and flat water €15.00

Ayla's pancakes are freshly baked and finished with salted caramel topping, dates and pistachio, or with seasonal fruit, granola, yoghurt and honey.

Including coffee, tea, Ayla's home-made lemonade, sparkling and flat water €15.00

A mix of Ayla's aperitif and tapas menus, served in one round, consisting of cauliflower tempura, padron peppers, cold meats, salmon with za'atar, pistachio and red cabbage, burrata with tomato salad and grilled chicken thighs.

Including coffee, tea, Ayla's home-made lemonade, sparkling and flat water €20.00



Two rounds with a selection of tapas from our tapas menu. A wide selection of the Mediterranean scents and colors by Ayla served while standing for lunch.

€22.50 excluding drinks €30.00 including coffee, tea, Ayla's home-made lemonade, sparkling and flat water.

The menu is seasonal and may take into account your wishes or dietary restrictions.

We can organize walking lunches for groups of 12 - 120 people. For up to 35 people, the walking lunch can also be organized as a sit-down lunch (sitting).

For drinks, we can serve delicious snacks with a Mediterranean touch. All these bites can be eaten standing as finger food. These snacks consist of two rounds with different options of our tapas and aperitif menu. Perfect for an informal drink on the terrace or after work. € 15.00 per person

Find all the possibilities in the brochure or contact us directly.



Private bar and terrace
Ayla's sun-drenched terrace is located on the west side.  
This room has a private bar, ideal for presentations, meetings, private drinks and dinners, or cocktail workshops. Tables can be set up in a meeting or dinner arrangement and there's a playful-looking grandstand.

Up to 30 people can be accommodated here for a seated event, and up to 50 people for walking dinners and drinks. The terrace can accommodate 70 people for a drink; or 60 people for a seated dinner.

A longer high table and a few low tables create a dynamic set-up that invites you to talk to all the guests. Also ideal for meeting lunches or business dinners as this space is not as noisy as Ayla's front.

This middle section is perfect for smaller groups of 12 - 28 people looking for a semiprivate setting. In combination with the private bar, this location can accommodate events for up to 80 people.

Ayla is located next to the lively Kruisplein, and as soon as you enter, you'll immediately notice the playful layout and the extensive bar. Perfect for brunch, lunch or dinner, if you just want to focus or enjoy our tapas or want to enjoy the dishes at the high tables with 8 people.


Entertainment and extras
Whether you want a full evening program with a party or a day program to turn your event into a success, we're happy to work with you in this area.

For exclusive events you have the possibility to choose your own music. Ayla has an extensive network of bands, DJ’s, singers, spoken word and more. This music can be played as a background music or louder to be able to dance. If you specify which style you like to hear during your event, Ayla will find the best match.

When you have your own DJ or act, it is possible that they use our technical facilities. Prices on request.

Find all the possibilities in the brochure or contact us directly.

Drink entertainment
A cocktailworkshop, a gin tasting, a cocktail inspired by your logo or product to be launched or something else? With Ayla, the sky is the limit. Ask about the possibilities. Prices for custom drinks and entertainment on request. In addition to music and drinks entertainment, there are many ways to ensure your event will be a great success. We can let a host or hostess provide your guests with a special reception, a photobooth or a photographer can capture your event and you can use your own singing talent for karaoke.

Technical support
Just as we have a passion for food, drinks, music and art, our regular partner MSE has a passion for everything to do with light, sound and image.

If you want to decorate your event with mood light, show a presentation, give a speech or have a band perform: MSE ensures that success is achieved by providing high quality custom productions, full drive-in shows and technical support for your event. Our staff can provide you with a microphone, projector, flipchart, etc. for small meetings.


About ayla

Our restaurant was designed by interior designer Mehdi Le Mair (The Suicide Club, FG and Panache Amsterdam, among others). The restaurant is unique in its kind, with special elements such as the gender-neutral toilets with 100-year-old doors, sinks of glazed pots and copper pipes designed by Studio Olivier, handmade elements by artist Joost Goudriaan and graffiti on the walls by artist Niels Bakkerus.

Ayla is just a stone's throw away from the Central Station, De Doelen and Theater Rotterdam, next to the multi-cultural Kruiskade and at the start of the International Sculpture Route to the Museumpark.

The restaurant has a flexible setup and in case of an exclusive event you can select any setup you want. The restaurant has room for 124 place settings, the standing walking accommodates dinner for up to 150 people and 150 people can dance indoors. During summer our capacity is even higher because we have a terrace.

Ayla does not have a night-license, but in case of an exclusive rental it might be possible to request a late night and sound permit if you want music for your event. This means that your event can last up to 01:00.

Find all the possibilities in the brochure or contact us directly.


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