Meet Ayla's staff: Kenny

A little peak behind the scenes at Ayla: meet Kenny

Find out who is responsible for delivering all those amazing dishes to your table at Ayla.

A little peak behind the scenes at Ayla. This time: meet Kenny

What is your position:All-round kitchen employee.

Where are you from:Born and raised in Rotterdam.

What are you doing when you're not working at Ayla:I have a passion for music and to make music.

Describe yourself in three words:Impulsive, witty, loyal.

Describe Ayla in three words:Cosy, sweaty, unpredictable.

What's your go to food:Chow ming with squid.

What's your favorite Ayla dish:The octopus, shoutout to Vincenzo OnNembo

A perfect example of a “whoa” dish

Kenny's favourite dish; the octopus, was introduced to Ayla's Fall menu of 2018.

Co-founder Roeland Flierman call the octopus "A perfect example of a “whoa” dish". “Everyone loves an octopus that’s crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It’s a technical process that is so satisfying. The end result though is super simple – only two ingredients on the plate.”

The Pulpo at Ayla is served with a Moroccan-spiced hollandaise sauce, a foreign yet familiar flavor that accompanies the octopus. While simple in presentation, it is not nearly as easy in preparation. Watch the video to learn more about how chef Vincenzo prepares octopus:


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