Ayla's IFFR dinner menu, brunch and cocktails

January 20, 2020

Are you looking for a restaurant that serves you a delicious menu that will get your ready to continue a dayfull of movies? Ayla’s IFFR menu consists out of the right amount of flavours ànd is served within 45 minutes, so you can back to watching movies ASAP.

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Ayla's IFFR menu

Craving a table filled with delicious Mediterranean flavours? Ayla’s IFFR menu will fill you table with several tapas dishes, served within 45 minutes and perfect to discuss your next choice in movie over.

Shared dining is a great way to share your thoughts on what movie you’ve just seen; and you will be revigorated to continue watching more screenings. The colours, smells and flavours of the Mediterranean will warm you up.

Ayla’s IFFR menu consists out of Spanish Padrón peppers, charcuterie Iberico Bellota, pickled salmon with caramelized pistachios, burrata with tomato salad, grilled chicken thighs, pulpo escabeche and patatas bravas.

Ayla also serves a vegetarian menu 🌿: Padrón peppers,Cauliflower tempura, Manchego cheese, Buratta with tomato salad, Beetroot withsmoked feta, artichoke and parmazan; and patatas bravas.

Ayla's IFFR menu

Ayla's IFFR menu

Ayla is situated in the heart of the IFFR, right across from De Doelen,and gladly welcomes you for a quick lunch or dinner, so you’ll be in time foryour next IFFR screening.

IFFR menu 25 euro pp / served from 2 people / all day(11:00-23:00) /

Reservations are not required; they arerecommended.
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Ayla's IFFR menu: one round of tapas served under 45 minutes - vegetarian option available

IFFR brunch by Ayla

During the IFFR you are welcome seven days a week for a real IFFR brunch. No need to hurry in the morning; the IFFR brunch is served until 3PM.

Are you craving both sweet and savoury, in the moodfor a guilty pleasure, or simply can’t choose from all the brunch options atAyla? The Ayla’s brunch-deal is the answer!

Ayla’s brunch-deal consists out of an open sandwich with salmon andavocado; or poached eggs with avocado (v), yoghurt with homemade granola, acrispy oven-fresh butter croissant, coffee or tea of choice and a freshly squeezed orange juice.

The perfect ingredients to a complete brunch.

IFFR brunch: 13,50
Tip: the IFFR brunch is just 11,50 between 11:00-12:00!
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Ayla's brunch deal - open sandwich with salmon and avocado; or poached eggs with avocado (v), yoghurt with homemade granola, a crispy oven-fresh butter croissant, coffee or tea of choice and a freshly squeezed orange juice.

Brunch movie classic: Bill Murray is enjoying
his breakfast in Groundhog Day


Crawl into the skin of your ‘inner spy’ and enjoy a Vesper Martini like James Bond, or pretend to be The Dude from The Big Lebowsky while sipping on a White Russian.

Next to these all time movie cocktail classics Ayla serves special limited edition IFFR cocktails. These are only available during the IFFR 2020.

Feel like a movie star en try out all of Ayla’s movie inspired cocktails during the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2020.

The Italicus Martini - photo by Marc Roderwijn

movie inspired cocktails at Ayla during
the international film festival 2020



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