January 18, 2019

Always wanted to feel a bit like Tom Cruise in Cocktail?

Now you can!

At Ayla you can explore your inner bartender with our cocktail workshop led by our talented bartending team.

You will learn about the history of cocktails and the art of bartending, the elements that make up a perfect cocktail and different styles and techniques.

Implement your learnings straight away and create your own cocktails. If you have a cocktail or technique in mind you want to learn just let us know and we'll always try to accommodate.

► A cocktail workshop lasts 2 hours and costs €28.50 per person for groups up from 6 to 15 people.

► For groups over 15 people we charge €35.- per hour for an extra bartender, so everybody gets the attention they deserve.

► Cocktailworkshops are available from Sunday - Thursday untill 7PM (or later if available) and on Fridays and Saturdays upon request (email us for availability)

Did you know: We love food and drinks a lot! That's why we teamed up with Rutte and distilled our own gin, genever and wodka; which we then added a touch of magic to; by infusing them at Ayla with spices, flowers and fruits. Come try Ayla's fennel gin or Ayla's lavendar genever, for example with the El Diablo Blanco, a fresh cocktail consisting of Ayla's grapefruit gin, Italicus, Cocchi Americano and white wine.

Aquiles working his magic
All the colours - all the flavours ♡



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