Lunch at Ayla: A Mediterranean Escape in Rotterdam’s Central District

April 12, 2019

Why does lunch feel like a chore? Do we not deserve a midday reward?

Lunch should be a treat, a moment to escape our routine and rejuvenate ourselves.

With their Mediterranean-inspired dishes and atmosphere, Ayla offers a break from daily monotony. Ayla doesn’t know what’s on your to-do list. Ayla doesn’t know your deadlines. Ayla doesn’t know your phone is ringing.

Ayla knows how to feed your soul, how to inspire you, how to comfort you.

Pancakes for All Palettes

You may think you know pancakes, but at Ayla, pancakes are more than just chocolate sprinkles and jam.

To start, the pancakes are fluffy, which makes them perfect for supporting and absorbing all the flavors you crave.

Inspired by a combination of Mediterranean flavors, the Manchego pancakes with basil are a dazzling twist on the breakfast staple. Topped with a fried egg, these pancakes don’t require any syrup.

But if you prefer sweet over savory, the salted caramel or seasonal fruit pancakes will easily satisfy your hunger.



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