January 23, 2019

At Ayla we love Love <3

To let you lovebirds focus on each other, we have selected our 5 favourite dishes that you can share with your love interest. And you know: the way to a (wo)man's heart is through the stomach!

If you want to book specifically for Valentine's Day make sure to make a reservation so we have an amazing seat for you.

Of course you are welcome at Ayla any other day with your date: we are open 7 days a week from 11:00 - 00:00.

You might even consider a brunch-date! We have just the dish for you: scroll down to number 4..!

p.s. More in for a liquid date? Definitely check out our cocktails!

1. Smoked avocado

Start of your date light. The smoked avocado served with seasonal vegatables spiced with dukkah is finger licking good. Because it is smoked the avocado almost has a meaty barbeque flavour; while being 100% vegetarian.

2. Oysters, the Ayla way.

The Classic for a romantic night out. Of course served with an Ayla twist like only how our Chef Freek Dekker knows how to. Have them raw, with chili & passion fruit with chorizo chips or with raspberry & shallot, with citrus and black pepper.

3. Spiced pumpkin ravioli

We all know sometimes its sexier to not show all your goods right away and this ravioli does too. Hidden under foam and juicy cherry tomatoes you'll find our amazing spiced pumpkin ravioli. Anybody's heart will melt when you taste what is hidden inside these pasta blankets.

4. Daytime dating: Pancakes - sweet or savoury!

Do you prefer to take your date to lunch (or brunch..) ? Then we would recommend sharing some of our luscious pancakes. What about these with seasonal fruits with granola, yogurt and honey?

5. La Tur lollipop

Don't we all love cheese? You can of course go for our Manchego, or our cheese platter (both undeniably good), but our chef Freek got extra creative and made a lollipop out of La Tur, a dense, creamy blend of pasteurized cow, goat and sheep milk from the Alta Lange region of Italy.



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