October 30, 2018

The working week is almost over, and temptation is knocking at your door. Digestivo Cocktail Thursday is the time to treat yourself to after-dinner drinks.

Every week, surprising themed cocktails await you, paired with late night nibbles for that full Ayla experience.

Maybe you just finished an early dinner, but the night is still too young to call it quits. Or maybe you just need to unwind after working overtime at the office. Or maybe you just crave a taste of the weekend to get you through the final hours of the work week.

At Ayla, we are here to indulge your temptations.

Join us every Thursday at 9pm for just one more cocktail, easing not only your digestion, but your descent into the weekend with curated digestifs and small bites.

1 theme, 4 cocktails you never had before

Next to our already impressive cocktail menu, every Thursday we add 4 special digestifs, available one night only to fit our cocktail theme of the day. Our themes can be anything, from ingredients like vermouth or sherry, to genres like ‘tiki’ or ‘Prohibition.’

With all their knowledge and experience, our bartenders John, Chioke and Aquiles will create the most surprising and diverse drinks, ensuring everyone can pick their favorite. When you’re not driving or working the next day, you are welcome take on the full DCT experience and try them all.

"A good cocktail means a roller-coaster of flavors in your mouth and we want to make that ride as unforgettable as possible" ~ John Broersma, head bartender Ayla

Matching nibbles to compliment your night

At Ayla, food and drinks belong together like salt and the Mediterranean. Our bartenders and chefs know exactly how to highlight the flavors of a dish with the composition of a cocktail, making your taste buds sing with praise. As part of the Digestivo menu, nibbles will be paired with drinks in order to create a well-rounded yet unexpected experience.

Head bartender John: “Our collab with the chefs always results in the most creative finds. The whole week we’re experimenting, tasting and trying again, because a good cocktail means a roller-coaster of flavors in your mouth and we want to make that ride as unforgettable as possible.”

Cocktails at Digestivo Cocktail Thursday, including matching nibbles: €10 (from 9pm)



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